"Making the world a more respectful, stylish and gentlemanly place, one man at a time."

Want a slice of Downton Abbey in your life? To be charming with the ladies, smooth in style, scaling the ladder of success, able to socialise with ease?

We have all dreamed of being like James Bond, Kingsman, Thomas Crown or a Royal Prince. Let us make that dream a reality. We will help you to stand out from the crowd and in 2 days you will learn to make a difference in your life.

We will take you from Man to Gentleman in 2 fun and action packed days. It is time for us men to throw off the shackles of the ‘Lad’ and the ‘Frat Boy’ and step into the world as Gentlemen.

This is the modern life blueprint that will turn you from zero to hero

You will fend off the punches with Bartitsu, The Gentleman’s Martial Art.
Build your confidence to take on challenges in the Bar & the Boardroom
Learn Manners worthy of a dinner with the Earl of Grantham
Experience the smoothness of a Wet Shave
Learn to work a room like a Millionaire
Woo (Yes, Woo!) with passion and skill to build beautiful relationships

The Program

At ‘Becoming the Perfect Gentleman – Live’ it is about making you the man you can be, a true Gentleman. Thousands of people have already begun their journey with The Perfect Gentleman


How to Pick the Perfect Suit from Budget to Bespoke

The Secrets of dressing with Style that will make you look like a Hollywood Star or Fortune CEO.

To mix a Martini worthy of an International Spy.


Protect yourself with The Martial Art of Sherlock Holmes

Make sure that you are Groomed for every occasion, with top tips from our grooming expert, and barber partner.

Learn to sweep your partner off her feet with the basics of Dance & the Details of Romance


Learn the Mindset & Values that make the Gentleman eternal

Understand the Manners & Etiquette that will make you climb the Ladder to success

Business tips and tricks that will speed your climb up the Ladder to success.

To get the results that will change your life, we have distilled 1000 years of history and knowledge into 2 days. We have dedicated ourselves to discovering the best people to bring the best out of you!

Join us as we guide you through the simple skills that make a major difference.

The Four Pillars of a Perfect Gentleman



Charm and Honesty

Ladies are always asking where have all the Gentlemen gone? A woman worthy of your affection needs to be romanced. We are not talking tricks or sleazy chat up lines, but great communication and tested methods that have lasted 1000 years.

Learn that fundamentally it is not about looks or money, but charm and honesty

The key to the heart is great communication, charm and laughter. All of these are skills that can be taught.

Learn the truth about what women want in a long-term relationship, you will be surprised.



Climb the ladder

We all want to succeed in life; the surest way to climb the ladder to success is to master the soft skills such as manners, etiquette and more. Even in this digital age, and the forthcoming future, the soft skills will be the most sought after in the world.

Become a master networker, working a room with charm & style

Learn to be smooth & mannered in any business situation

Travel easily within the USA & beyond with our travel tips



Make a first impression

You have a fraction of a second to make a 1st impression. What does that impression say about you?

There are 2 truths: firstly, to be successful you have to dress for success, and secondly, a well-tailored suit on a man to a lady is like lingerie on a woman to a man.

We make sure that whatever your budget, you give a stylish first impression and stand out from the crowd.

Learn the style tips that make Hollywood Stars and top CEOs always look on top of their game.

Learn the male grooming secrets that mean you will always look at your best.



Values text here

All of the above is useless without a set of guiding principles that guide and aid us on this journey. The values of the Gentleman have been around for over a millennium and have been successfully proved century after century.

The core principles of respect, honour and style, are all that is required to bring the path of the Gentleman into your life. We take you through the core fundamental parts and teach you how to embed them into your life.

Our Team

Our Tutors & Experts all have a great depth of experience in their various fields, most have even been through the PG Valet programme. Below is a selection of the Tutors that will be on Stage for the weekend.

Zach Falconer-Barfield
Zach Falconer-Barfield

1st Gentleman and Co-founder of The Perfect Gentleman

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Lydia Foulkes
Lydia Foulkes

1st Lady and Fashion and Style Expert

Read Bio
Ruairidh Bulger
Ruairidh Bulger

2nd Gentleman and Etiquette and Fine Dining Expert

Read Bio
Stephen  Handisides
Stephen Handisides

Grooming Expert

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